Protecting heritage through expertise. The AABC ensures skilled conservation architects safeguard our historic buildings. Our free register connects clients with proven professionals.

Welcome to Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC), where we take pride in being more than just an accreditation body - we're the guardians of architectural heritage. Our register of expert conservation architects is committed to protecting historical buildings from misguided alterations.

Through rigorous peer assessment and client-focused evaluation, we accredit renowned conservation and adaptation experts. Our mission is to ensure that only proficient professionals are on our register, ensuring our clients' confidence and peace of mind.

We believe in universal access to top-tier expertise, offering our register freely to all clients. Our self-financed model ensures that every penny directly supports our high standards and the advancement of our mission.

Join us in protecting and celebrating architectural heritage, ensuring the legacy of our past continues to inspire and enrich future generations.

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The AABC register

Unlock the expertise of over 400 accredited building conservation architects through our user-friendly "Search the Register" page. Our rigorous assessment guarantees their proficiency in conservation and adaptation, aligning with international conservation principles. With reassessments every five years, we ensure excellence is continuously upheld. Whether you seek hands-on designers or consultants, we've got you covered. Explore profiles, engage with architects, or find out more about our mentorship program. Everything you need to know is just a click away.

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Finding an architect on our register is simple. Click the link below to locate a skilled professional in your area who will gladly address any inquiries regarding your upcoming project. Whether you're embarking on a historic restoration, adaptive reuse endeavour, or modern conservation project, our registered architects are here to assist you every step of the way.

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Working with an architect

Transform your dreams into reality with an architect by your side. Choose a conservation-accredited architect for expert guidance in preserving or enhancing your historic building. From conservation to modifications, they'll navigate planning processes and offer invaluable maintenance advice. Let's bring your vision to life while honouring the legacy of your property.

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Why a conservation architect?

Hiring an accredited conservation architect is essential for listed, old, or architecturally unique buildings. These specialists blend knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with modern conservation techniques, ensuring every intervention respects the building's heritage while meeting contemporary standards. With their expertise, they navigate regulations, preserve delicate features, and execute sympathetic renovations.

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Our specialisms

Every architect on our register specialises in conservation, and each brings their own distinct set of skills tailored to specific types of buildings. Some excel in restoring ancient landmarks, and others in industrial heritage; certain architects preserve intricate details in historic homes, while others focus on adaptive reuse projects. Collaborating with an architect who aligns with your project's unique needs provides a tailored approach that respects the building's history.