Register of Architects
Accredited in Building Conservation

Mentor Scheme

The AABC Mentor Scheme offers mentoring support from an existing AABC Member to Part II graduates or architects who wish to become accredited but have not yet reached accreditation standards.  Mentoring is to provide guidance on how to become accredited, rather than a course in conservation skills.  Success is predicated on the ability of the mentee to obtain appropriate project experience, skills and understanding through employment and study so that these can in due course be demonstrated in a formal application for admission to the Register.  Prospective mentees must have developed a basic knowledge of conservation philosophy and techniques through their own learning and through detailed involvement in at least one building conservation project. 

There is an annual fee of £25.

Further information can be found in our Guidance Notes for AABC Mentees, which is available for download below.

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