Becoming a Member

Membership with AABC is earned through a rigorous process that celebrates your expertise in conservation architecture. Showcasing your experience through peer-reviewed case studies, you'll embark on a journey of recognition and validation. Join us in shaping the future of conservation architecture, where your passion and dedication are not just acknowledged but celebrated.

What does an application for membership involve?

An application for membership is made by an Architect who can show the following:

  • ARB registration – the right to practice as an architect in the UK.
  • Experience and understanding of working on projects of repair to historic buildings.
  • Relevant conservation-based CPD over five years.
  • Practical experience acquired in the last five years illustrated by five detailed case studies. 
Illustration of a stained glass window
Group of architects in high viz vests standing underneath a fresco in Manchester Town hall

Application process

An application is written detailing five case studies and recording relevant conservation CPD.

This is then assessed by a panel that ensure that applicants exhibit high levels of understanding and competence in dealing with historic buildings.

Exterior columns of a building

Mentee Scheme

Looking to gain experience before accreditation?

Our Mentee Programme supports Part II and aspiring architects on their AABC accreditation journey. Your mentor will guide you in developing your skills for full membership.

Intricate Entranceway


All applications are peer-reviewed by an assessment team of
- Lead Assessor
- Architect Assessor
- Lay Assessor representing clients.

A supervisory panel ensures consistancy.

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Join AABC, the UK's largest registry of conservation accredited architects, dedicated to independently promoting members' exceptional skills. Gain access to a distinguished network, fostering growth and recognition in conservation architecture. Whether seeking validation or connecting with peers, AABC offers unparalleled opportunities for advancement. Join us in safeguarding our architectural heritage for future generations.

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