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Conservation of Immovable ‘Bronze’ Objects

Conservation of Immovable ‘Bronze’ Objects

Date/Time: 15 Jun 2017 
Price: £150.00 

This course, aimed at those persons working with collections of sculpture, public art, memorials, and architecture, focusses on the practice of dealing with the conservation and maintenance of in-situ architectural elements, sculpture, monuments etc made from ‘bronze’. Practical treatments will be explained and considered including the pros and cons of various cleaning techniques, the science behind them, patination options, the best protective coatings and ways to apply them.  Techniques will be discussed in relation to accessibility of objects and work environments, and how it can shape method statements.

Topics, covered to a lesser extent, include the technical and political history of monumental bronze; the role of artist and architect in the original manufacture and in present day conservation decisions; problems commonly associated with exterior and interior bronze works including corrosion, accessibility, health and safety, the public; ethical dilemmas.

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