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COTAC Insight 1: The Need to Appreciate the Built Heritage, Units 1-6 Learning Handbooks + Units 1-5 Image Sets (February 2021)

To access and download “Insight 1 Learning Handbooks and Image Sets” go to: > Menu > COTAC Learning > COTAC Insight 1 (Which opens the undernoted page) > Click on each ‘Unit’ and ‘Image Set’ thumbnail front page to source the relevant PDF.

With a focus on assisting The Need to Appreciate the Built Heritage, the Insight 1 series of six Units have been compiled by Barry J Bridgwood and Ingval Maxwell in furtherance of COTAC’s Educational Aims and Objectives. The target audience covers a wide range of cohorts including students, the general public, crafts, trades and professionals who wish to gain an Appreciation of practical heritage conservation, its associated challenges, working practices and the philosophy which underpins it.

Each of the six Unit Learning Handbooks and the separate Image Sets of 24 full page illustrations are offered in downloadable pdf format. The first five Units adopt a similar approach and intentions to that found on the (UC) site – to which links are provided. To underpin information on that website, Units 1 and 2 purposely repeat the UC site intentions and text in a more accessible form, whilst Unit 6 helps enhance that appreciation through creating an emphasis on what might be gleaned from a closer inspection of what is being looked at. Each of the Units 1 - 5 also contain a relevant set of Question and offered Answers that are incorporated within the Unit texts.

From a User’s perspective, the focus of all six Units is to help in gaining a comprehensive understanding of what the built heritage is all about. This can be a complex process involving many actors. It is the intention of the Units to inform readers about appreciating how the Built Heritage can be better protected: Thereby helping to facilitate its on-going sustainable use whilst it remains and continues to offer a tangible record of our past.


COTAC Study 3: COTAC BIM4C Integrating HBIM Framework Report Illustrative Bibliography (December 2020)

To access and download “COTAC BIM4C Integrating HBIM Framework Report Illustrative Bibliography” go to: > Menu > COTAC Studies > COTAC Study 3 > Click on the thumbnail front page to source the PDF.

COTAC enabled a BIM4Conservation (BIM4C) Group in 2015 with the remit of raising awareness and understanding of BIM within the conservation and heritage sector of the built environment, and to link with other BIM4 Communities in advancing knowledge and influencing understanding of conservation needs within the broader context of the BIM industry sector. In consequence, the COTAC BIM4C Integrating HBIM Framework was presented and published on the website in two parts (Part 1: Conservation Parameters and Part 2: Conservation Influences) to offer some considerations that might be taken into account as the awareness of the particular needs of BIM4C gain ground. Through these developments it was hoped that an appreciation of the differences in approach required by conservation orientated projects against the developed new-build faced Historic Building Information Modelling approach will emerge.


The two main parts of the Study were supported by a draft Bibliography which, in the interim, has been considerable updated. This was undertaken as a desk-based exercise resulting in this new reformatted document with all related url’s correct to 17 December 2020, and this new version supersedes that original issue.


COTAC Study 4: COTAC Web-search List of UK + RoI Heritage Courses 2020 (January 2021)

To access and download “COTAC Web-search List of UK + RoI Heritage Courses 2020” go to: > Menu > COTAC Studies > COTAC Study 4 > Click on the thumbnail front page to source the PDF.

Correct to 16 November 2020 the material offered in this Study has been directly sourced, as a desk exercise, from the on-line web-sites of numerous institutes’ in the UK and Republic of Ireland that indicated their delivery of Heritage orientated courses. It is available as a downloadable pdf at

The listed information is presented by University location, Award Level, Course Title, if the material is presented as a Module, and which organisation offers their accredited recognition, together with the reference url from where the information was obtained.

At a time when considerable uncertainty exists as to how higher education might be delivered in the future due to the 2020 Covid pandemic, this Study is also intended to provide a baseline against which any future changes might be measured and assessed.

Users of this Study may wish to be made aware of the more focused lists of Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Craft and Short Courses is maintained and offered under the ‘Conservation Course’ website Menu tab. Here, it is anticipated, COTAC will aim to present up-to-date information as and when that might be released by the various providers.