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Heritage Ironwork Seminar Thursday 15th November 2018

‘Colour & Finish in Heritage Ironwork’

We live in a world of many and varied colours, from bright and bold to subtle and calm, and we make full use of this wide palette to decorate our built environment. So why is it that when it comes to ironwork the majority of people specify black? This day aims to explode the ‘always black’ myth, explore alternatives, and outline best practice for discovering, conserving and reinstating original colour schemes.


Do you automatically think of black as the appropriate colour for heritage ironwork? If so then you are in the majority, but why is this? We will explore:

  • The 20th Century fashion for black ironwork & its impact
  • The misconception that ironwork always was and always should be black
  • influences on colour fashions

Paint Research
A crucial practice in projects where the surface might be damaged or removed. Find out:

  • Why paint sampling & analysis is so important
  • How to record findings

Conserving Finishes and Coatings
Putting conservation theory into practise isn’t always straightforward. How do you approach:

  • Retaining original paint layers
  • Localised paint removal and repairs
  • Preparing for removal of all paint where it is the only realistic approach

Colour for Historic Settings
Different scenarios call for different approaches. We will discuss methodology for

  • Re-instating original colours
  • Establishing a colour scheme when no original paint remains
  • Choosing a colour for new work in historic settings.

Price: £85 including lunch and refreshments (£50 students) Early bird discount: £70

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