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The Heritage Alliance - Heritage Day 2017

The Heritage Alliance - Heritage Day 2017

Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017

Venue: The RSA, Durham House Street, London.

Tickets are £30 for members, £50 for non-members and £20 for students. Advance registration is essential.

This year Heritage Alliance will be running the HEDx talks again (likely to be 4) and they received such positive feedback that they will now be open to non-members to hear. The principle is that they are 8 minute presentations from Alliance members sharing good practice and learning from each other, and sharing innovations from the year. They should be short, energetic and allow learning.

If you would like to propose a HEDx topic or offer to deliver a HEDx talk please

Please contact Howard Weinberg on 020 7233 0900 or email if you are unable to book via Eventbrite.  For general enquiries about the event, please contact Joe O’Donnell on 020 7233 0500 or