Register of Architects
Accredited in Building Conservation

Retired Former Members

The following is a list of retired former AABC Registered architects. Should anyone wish to connect with a former member, they are invited to call or email the office directly and we shall then put you in contact.


Phone: 0161 832 0666

Retired, former members are as follows:

  • Ian Ashby
  • Peter Bartosch
  • Graham Black
  • John Burton, Purcell
  • Malcolm Craig
  • Patrick Crawford
  • Ronnie Cruwys
  • Justin Fenton, Page\Park Architects​
  • Michael Foster
  • Gordon Hodge, Robert, Potter and Partners LLP
  • Malcolm Knight, Bernard Taylor Partnership
  • Michael Poteliakhoff, Shenstone and Partners
  • Nicholas Reading, Reading Design
  • Robert Seymour
  • Ian Stainburn, Stainburn Taylor
  • Martin Stancliffe, Purcell
  • Vernon Thurgood
  • Ann Towers
  • John Underwood, Clague LLP
  • Anthony Walker
  • Virginia Wedgwood
  • Hedy Parry-Davies
  • Dante Vanoli
  • Alan Smith, Smith Gamblin
  • John Curtis, Curtis Architecture
  • Stuart Hodgkinson, Latham Architects